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For both chiropractic and functional medicine, I consult from The Canadian Medical Centre, Abu Dhabi.

For functional medicine, I also provide online consultations, for people outside of the UAE.

 Clinic Working Hours

For chiropractic and functional medicine in Abu Dhabi, I work between two clinics.  Four days a week I work from CMC’s main clinic on Delma Street, on island.  Twice a week I work from CMC’s Khalifa A branch, close to Al Forsan and Al Yasmina School.
Delma Street


Chiropractic Abu Dhabi

Functional Medicine Abu Dhabi

Saturday       –     9am – 2pm

Sunday          –     9am – 6pm

Tuesday         –     8am – 2pm

Wednesday   –     10am – 7pm


Khalifa City A


Chiropractic Abu Dhabi

Functional Medicine Abu Dhabi

Monday          –     9am – 1pm

Thursday        –     1pm – 6pm

Saturday        –     2.30pm – 6pm



For appointments at either clinic, please call the clinic directly, and request an appointment with Dr Steve.  Please specify whether it will be for chiropractic or functional medicine, and whether this is your first time, or a follow-up.


800 262

Online consultations – Functional Medicine

We provide online consultations and sessions for people outside of the UAE, for functional medicine.


These sessions are conducted using Zoom.  A mutually convenient time can be arranged.

To set-up an online functional medicine session, please contact us by e-mail, and we can schedule you an appointment.

Please note, we are not able to provide any insurance reimbursement forms or reports for online sessions.


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Send me an e-mail, ask any questions you want, and we can see if we are a good fit to work together.

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