Corporate Wellness

Dr Steve is a sought-after wellness specialist.  He is regularly asked to run work-based wellness programs at many local and international companies.


In the Uk he regularly worked with Jaguar-Landrover, IBM and Aston Martin.  In UAE he has implemented programs with both private and government entities.  Corporate wellness UAE and corporate wellness Abu Dhabi is becoming increasingly popular amongst organisations here, as awareness of employee health and wellbeing is being better understood and valued.


His corporate wellness session are always well received by both the organisation and the employees alike.  Dr Steve’s true passion is educating and empowering people to help them make the best lifestyle choices they can. This then allows people to experience their very best potential, both in the workplace, and out.  Ultimately, enabling everyone he works with to live their best lives possible.


Huge bodies of research show that corporate wellness programs can help improve productivity, employee happiness, reduce absenteeism and reduce staff turnover.  


Happy and healthy employees make for a great organisation where people want to work, give their best and feel valued.


If you or your organisation is interested in working with Dr Steve, feel free to reach out.


The format of the corporate wellness can be adapted based on your requirements.  From work station and posture assessments, talks to small or large groups of employees, to long-term wellness programs where specific protocols and goals are set and followed through.

Corporate Wellness Subject Ideas:

  • Nutrition coaching and education
  • Life Balance
  • Stress reduction
  • Sleep
  • Posture and Workstation Optimisation
  • Healthy and Functional Movement
  • Emotional and Mental Wellbeing
  • The Science of Longevity
  • Optimising our Baseline Health and Immunity

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