Be the Guard at the Gate to Your Mind

As I write the article, we are in the middle of the global covid-19 situation.  So, I felt it was the perfect time to discuss this topic, which I feel is important at anytime, but especially now.  How does it make you feel watching the news or social media posts, giving daily figures for ‘cases’, and seeing headlines such as ‘UK will see 50000 cases per day by end of October’?  Does it fill you with fear, anxiety and panic.  Are these headline true?  Do they have a direct bearing on your life, your reality?

The Role of the Media

The media, including social media, is merely fulfilling its role.  But this role rarely has our best interests at heart.  The news has become, oftentimes, so sensationalist, it is just like watching an action thriller movie.  And it is designed like this specifically to capture your attention and keep you watching, in a would that is fighting for your attention.

Media, most of the time, is consumed very passively.  Whether it be watching TV, the news, or spending time on Facebook or Instagram.  We are not actively engaging, but instead just mindlessly watching, reading and listening.  When we are in this semi-hypnotised, trance-like state, we are much more suggestible and easily influenced.  We are like a sponge, just soaking up whatever comes our way.

Our Children

This is even more true for our children.  They are forming models of reality, understanding the world around them, and looking for evidence outside to help them to form their views and concepts.  They are interpreting and drawing conclusions from their environment.  Between the ages of 0 and 7, they are in programming mode; living most of their time in alpha and theta brain-wave cycles.  This is the same pattern as when someone is under hypnosis.  They are open to suggestion, open to programming.

We must be the ones standing guard at the gateway to our children’s minds.  They are too young to do this for themselves.  Would your child choose pizza or a salad for dinner?  The same applies to this our children’s consumption of media. 

Take Back Control

This is why it is so important for you to be in charge, take control of what you let into your mind and your world.  Be the awareness, standing guard at the entry to your mind.  Decide; do you want to be spending hours of your day glued to the TV watching the news, filling your mind with meaningless, fear-invoking numbers and headlines?  Do you want to spend your precious evening time mindlessly scrolling through your endless Facebook feed, seeing images of how others are wanting to portray their lives?

Next time you watch the news or spend some time on social media, just notice how it makes you feel, both during and after.  Notice the feelings and emotions inside, the thoughts running through your head.  Do you feel positive and empowered, or negative and dejected.  Does your self-esteem feel lifted, or do you feel inadequate and lacking?  Does it make you see the world around you as a beautiful, wonderful and abundant place, or dangerous, threatening and hostile?  I know which world I would rather live in.  We don’t see the world as IT IS, but as WE ARE.  As Shakespeare said, “nothing is either good nor bad, but thinking makes it so”.  I believe this is what he was getting at.

If You Are Not In Charge, Someone Else Is

Unfortunately, many external influences in the world don’t necessarily operate to fulfil our best interests.  Big business thrives from making us buy more, consume more, want more.  They do this by making us feel a sense of lack, inadequacy and wanting.  Even by making us feel down or depressed, we become ‘better’ consumers, as we but more things to fill this perceived void in our lives.

So, do you want to be in control of your mind and your reality, or do you want to leave that up to someone else?  It really is that simple.  Make the choice.  What is best for your body, your mind and your sole?  What will nourish you?

I deeply believe that we create our own reality.  See the world as a scary, hostile and dangerous place, and that is the world you will live in.  Live your life with positivity, gratitude and love, and that is the world you will experience.  Your outer world is a reflection, a projection of your inner world.

It can be as easy as switching off the news and limiting your time spent on social media.  Choose to spend this time instead with friends, reading a great book, or exercising.  So, turn off the news, put down your phone.  Engage with your family, your spouse, your friends.  Do something that will nourish your mind, nurture your relationships or strengthen your body.

Please, try it for just 10 days, and notice how different you feel.

With love,

Dr Steve D.C.

P.s. One more thing.  If you know someone who would benefit from reading this message, please forward it on to them.  Let’s spread the light.