Why Not Just Google-It?

Google is great, sure.  We can find out pretty much anything we want with just a few clicks.  What would have taken us possibly hours to find out even just 15 years ago, now takes us practically seconds.  There is so much information out there, which is easily accessible and often free, we may question why we need to enlist the help of a professional.  But the fact of the matter is, there is just far too much information out there for us to comprehend it all and apply what is relevant to us in our current situation.

We’ve all done it; we’ve google a certain symptom and a website tells us we have some terrible disease and are going to die.  Of course we aren’t.  But this is just an example of why all the information at our finger tips isn’t always a good thing.  There is no way of us knowing what is relevant to us.  It is very difficult to decipher which information is true to our particular situation.  We also have the added complication of other people’s agendas and interests conflicting with ours.  We may come across a particular site which claims the next miracle cure for such and such a condition.  Of course, this site is then trying to sell you their miracle cure, at some extortionate price!  Other sites, even from very credible or official sources, may be wanting you to think in a particular way and believe certain things, in-keeping with their agenda and their interests.

An Example…

Say you want to help improve you irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms, and you hear from a friend that probiotics can help.  You google this, and of course find a website which confirms, probiotics help symptoms of IBS.  You buy a certain brand, because a particular website tells you they are the best on the market.  They arrive, you start taking them, and your symptoms actually get worse.  You google again, and find out you were taking the wrong brand, so you try another.  Again your symptoms get worse.  You google again, and find a site recommending a juice cleanse to help rebalance your microbiome.  You follow the recommendations, and apart from being hungry for 3 days, it does nothing to ease your symptoms.

Finding the Underlying Cause

The first problem lies in not taking the time to investigate and understand the underlying cause of the symptoms or condition.  As we know, one set of symptoms can have many different causes, so what might help one person, may not help the next.  The second problem is that they are unable to decipher which information is relevant to them, and which isn’t.  People waste huge amounts of time and money, using this ‘trial-and-error’ style of self-help.  At best, it will just delay you getting results, at worst, your condition could actually get far worse.

Too Much Information?

We live in the ‘information age’; information is plentiful, detailed and often free.  The skill and value however, is in determining what is the right information that you need, at this particular point in your life, under your current causes and conditions.  The old saying, ‘knowledge is power’ is not really so true as we once thought.  The power lies in knowing how to find the right information for you, who to consult for help in finding this knowledge, and, importantly, how best to APPLY this knowledge to your situation and circumstance.

This is exactly why thousands of people are now seeking out the right doctor to help them in this journey of healing and regaining optimal health, wellbeing and vitality.  It takes out the ‘guess-work’, and provides a much more specific, individual and personalised approach.  Saving time and money in the long-run, and making results much more positive and lasting.